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One Team, Same Goal


Peter Idoko

The Stay Maker

Hendrick Calles_HiltonMEATHeadshots-0115.jpeg

The Memory Maker

Hendrick Calles

Dear Fellow Stays and Memories Makers,

We are thrilled to welcome you into the digitalization of our Quality monthly release.

With this new mobile and desktop user-friendly site we hope that you will find it easier for you and your teams to navigate through the different options of the menu.


We kept what was useful and essential for our teams to use as a benchmarking tool. Adding some new options such as the Best Practice HUB which is a direct link to GEN that will become, if not already, the one place for all proven and tested best practices and action plans.


In some of the months, we will enter a best practice that will be applicable to most under the Call For Action that will be marked as a notification on that tab. This will be in an SOP format for your teams to plug and play if needed.


The 6’Ss of success of every core element of a Hilton stay will also have their new space on our site, some of our most talented AIO Team Members are working on 2 BP for each core element.


Rewards and recognition deserved a special and fully dedicated space, hence ensure your teams go there to find who are the shining stars to follow.

This one-stop shop site will also give you the link with one click and one login password to get in touch with BPS when and if needed.


Having seen the great results of the breakfast club we decided to have another club of our own, the "Opportunity Club”. Another club that no hotel wants to fall into…..


Let’s create all together “The Memorable Stays” for our guests.

YTD: 62.6


Target: 61.4

Overall Experience


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